Eternal Dance

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Spring Wind

Strong wind blows
From the south, it carries
so many petals of flowers
They are showering on the wind
many, many
I just receive them on my hand

and I embrace them

Smiles of the past days
has changed into the infinite love
and showering flowers in the sky
has changed into the blessings for you

I take your hands
and sit under the celestial sky
waiting for the moment
when the flowers shower



Falling, falling

and falling


TADASHI SUGIURA,a multi-talented Japanese
artist was already engaged with photography
and music since 1967. In the seventies and
eighties he created extraordinary music
compositions for several film and theater
productions as well as dance performances
and art exhibitions. His simple lifestyle is an
affirmation that his major energy flows into
meditativ streams.
TADASHI's work "Eternal Dance", a recurring
melody published in 1988 in Japan, is symbolic
of eternal repetitions in the circle of life.

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